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The Next Generation Medical Finance Blockchain

The integration of Web 3, blockchain based medical payments, and data utilization is revolutionizing healthcare. It enhances efficiency, transparency, and security in medical transactions, empowering patients to control their own data for personalized decision making. Through blockchain technology, we are paving the way for a future where healthcare is secure, transparent and patient centric. We are Lillian, driving the transformation.

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 Medical Compliant   Blockchain 



 Medical Solutions for   Global Healthcare 



 Global Healthcare   Ecosystem 

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Lillian Brands Mixer - The Don CeSar

The first ever in-person invite only event for Lillian Finance and The Lillian Bay Foundation where those in attendance learned more about each organization respectively. 


Decentralized Applications

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Benefits of Using
dApps in Healthcare

  • Sharing of Data 

  • Secure Data Storage

  • Public Health

  • Patient Health Data

  • Agreements & Contracts

  • A Secure On-Demand Model


The World is Ready for a New Blockchain Consensus.

The future of data and payments is digital, with cashless transactions, virtual wallets, and digital ownership driving the transformation while data privacy and security remain important considerations.


Global Healthcare Ecosystem

Lillian Finance understands the importance of prioritizing individuals in the development of the initial global ecosystem as a crucial element for achieving success. The active participation of the community plays a significant role in advancing the transfer of medical data, facilitating payments, and establishing identity within Web 3.0. As the decentralized next generation of the internet, Web 3 holds immense potential to revolutionize the medical industry through improved data management, enhanced patient privacy, and increased collaboration among healthcare stakeholders. By leveraging blockchain and peer-to-peer networks, Web 3 enables secure data sharing, empowers patients with control over their information access, and streamlines collaboration processes. Lillian Finance is focused on building four key pillars within this ecosystem for the future."


Lillian MedMeta focuses on improving healthcare by incorporating VR technology in medical procedures. Together with MedMeta's compliant blockchain and LYF Token, they aim to enhance access to care and strengthen the patient provider connection. By leveraging telemedicine, virtual care solutions and VR, healthcare providers can bridge gaps and improve the overall patient experience.


As the metaverse continues to evolve, new use cases will emerge.

Major healthcare providers are incorporating virtual reality (VR) technology to assist in medical procedures such as surgical preparation and execution in spine surgeries and catheter placement. These advancements, in conjunction with MedMeta, Lillian's compliant blockchain and LYF Token, aim to enhance access to care and improve connectivity between patients and providers.


MedMeta, utilizing Lillian's compliant blockchain and LYF Token, play essential roles in driving these innovations forward. Together, they promote the adoption of advanced technologies and facilitate the integration of VR into healthcare practices. Their collaborative efforts aim to enhance access to care, strengthen the connection between patients and healthcare providers and drive positive transformation within the healthcare industry.

Web 3
Building Medical Solutions for Global Healthcare

Web 3.0, the decentralized next generation of the internet, has the potential to transform the medical industry. It improves data management, enhances patient privacy and fosters collaboration among healthcare stakeholders. By utilizing blockchain and peer-to-peer networks, Web 3 enables secure data sharing, patient-controlled information access and streamlined collaboration, leading to better diagnoses, personalized treatments and improved patient care.


Utilizing the power of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology to directly impact the lives of children with life critical conditions.

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